Red Odyssey: Liverpool FC 1892-2017, is a uniquely affectionate and often deeply moving history of one of the greatest sporting institutions on the planet. Born in the fire of boardroom conflict and launched into the humble surroundings of the Lancashire League, Liverpool Football Club not only endured but rose to conquer all of Europe, leaving its local rivals trailing in its wake. This journey through the ages represents a thrilling sporting odyssey, packed with heroes and foes, victors and villains. It features tales of conquest and heroic homecomings as well as soul-crushing defeats. Its people have endured great tragedy and fought for both redemption and vindication. Modern-day Liverpool supporters, standing on the shoulders of their forebears, are tough, gritty, irreverent and united. These qualities have sustained them for 125 years, and they run through the book like a golden thread. Red Odyssey is 125 individual love letters to Liverpool FC and its people, written with a Scouse accent.

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Stanley Park Story: Life, Love and the Merseyside Derby charts the recent history of the longest continuous running derby game in English football. Liverpool and Everton have now contested the fixture every season since 1962. Using a mixture of fact, fiction and personal experience, Jeff Goulding has crafted a compelling tale spanning three generations of two families, Red and Blue. Their lives become intricately woven together through 50 years of this unique sporting rivalry. The story explores the changing fortunes of each team and the relationship between the two sets of supporters, which evolves over the years. The life and times of Jimmy, a Blue, and Tommy, a Red, form the basis of the drama which unfolds against a backdrop of thrilling sporting encounters, social and political upheaval and catastrophe. Ultimately, the story is one of a love so strong it reaches across the park to forge a timeless bond between the two families.

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We Conquered All of Europe: Red Odyssey II charts the re-emergence of Liverpool FC as one of the most feared and respected teams in European football. In 2015, Jurgen Klopp arrived at Anfield and set about rebuilding a sporting empire. In order to succeed he would need to transform its legions of fans from doubters into believers – and, in the process, would take them on the greatest of sporting odysseys. Jeff Goulding chronicles the whole journey through the eyes of the people who lived it, the supporters. Also included are key insights from former players, as well as eyewitness accounts of some of the most incredible moments of the Klopp era. Relive the humbling of Barcelona’s Messi and Suarez. Absorb the electric atmosphere on the Kop as the Reds pulled off the seemingly impossible, and journey with the fans as they conquered all of Europe. Red Odyssey II takes the reader through it all – the highs and the lows – and describes how Klopp awakened one of football’s sleeping giants.

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